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Workboard - one board for visualization
and management of subtasks in Jira

Visualization and management of subtasks

Clean, intuitive and interactive subtask visualization tool, inspired by classical Scrum whiteboard. All subtasks connected to issue are displayed in only one row, no matter their count.

Refirement and Planning tool

The scope of all active and future sprints can be easily defined by inline subtask creation and edition. This feature will ease subtask management and improve grooming quality.

Sprint effort, complexity and progress tracking

Complexity and effort estimates are easy to update and maintain. Transparency of this data will ensure you do not overcommit on planning and progress of work will be easy to track.

"Workboard" is a complex and complete subtask management system for Jira. With this addon, the development team will have complete freedom in defining HOW to implement each unique increment.

Workboard is a great extension for "Backlog" and "Active sprints" panels in Jira. It allows for clear separation of business that defines WHAT needs to be done and development that defines HOW to implement it. Workboard displays all subtasks (even if they are not in Board JQL), therefore "Active sprints" board will not be "polluted" by the massive amount of subtasks. Incorporated Consistency Alert System in Workboard ensures that each change in subtask status is also visualized in the status of the parent. Usage of subtasks is the best way to document implementation scope and to assign this work to multiple developers.

NOTE: Workboard works for Scrum and Kanban Boards.

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